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The right window tint not only looks cool but feels even cooler when you use a quality ceramic film. With ceramic nano-particles designed to reflect not only heat but also light, you’ll notice that your vehicle stays cooler in full sun. Paired with a killer warranty, it’s easy to understand why Precision Window Tint & Wraps is the best installer in Annapolis, Maryland.

What Is Window Tinting?

Automotive window tinting is a process of applying a thin, transparent film to the windows of a vehicle in order to reduce the amount of visible light, infrared radiation, and ultraviolet (UV) rays that enter the interior.

  1. Heat reduction: Window tinting can significantly reduce the amount of heat entering the vehicle, making it more comfortable for the occupants, especially during hot and sunny weather.

  2. UV protection: The tinted film blocks a significant portion of harmful UV rays, which can help protect the vehicle’s interior from fading and deterioration. Additionally, it provides some level of protection against UV exposure for the occupants.

  3. Glare reduction: Tinted windows can reduce glare from sunlight and headlights, improving visibility and reducing eye strain, particularly during daytime driving.

  4. Privacy: Tinted windows can enhance privacy by making it more difficult for people outside the vehicle to see the occupants or the contents inside.

  5. Aesthetics: Some people choose window tinting for the visual appeal it adds to the vehicle. Tinted windows can give a sleek and sophisticated look to the car.

It’s important to note that regulations regarding window tinting vary by location, with different states having specific laws governing the darkness of the tint and which windows can be tinted. We always advise you to check and adhere to the applicable laws when considering automotive window tinting.

If It Has Glass, We Can Protect It!

Your 3M™ Window Film Options:

Premium Film

3M™ Crystalline Series

The Crystalline Series surpasses numerous dark films in heat rejection without altering your vehicle’s aesthetics, establishing itself as the premier option for enhanced comfort.

It deflects the most solar energy and rejects 99% infrared rejection (IRER+ up to 69%), ensuring optimal thermal comfort to keep you cool.

Equipped with an exclusive multilayer optical film nano-technology, this series combines over 200 layers in a film thinner than a Post it® Note.

Being non-metalized, it allows you to stay seamlessly connected with your devices.

Our Most Popular Film!

3M™ Ceramic IR Series

Shield your glass with cutting-edge technology.

Utilizing 3M’s advanced nano-ceramic technology for superior infrared heat reduction.

Effectively rejects up to 66% of total solar energy* and an impressive 95% of heat-producing infrared rays** (IRER+ up to 67%), ensuring the utmost comfort.^

Elegantly features a cool blue shade and is available in an appealing neutral color, making it one of our most popular options.

Non-metalized, enabling uninterrupted connectivity with your devices.

When Only Looks Matter

3M™ Obsidian Series

Elevate your style with customized tint.

Incorporates 3M’s patented Infused technology, ensuring superior durability, color retention, and fade resistance compared to numerous dyed films.

Delivers robust performance at a budget-friendly price point.

Enhance the security of your vehicle with the dark privacy window tint level (Obsidian 5 – blocking up to 95% of visible light into your vehicle)^.

Non-metalized, allowing seamless connectivity with your devices.


3M is a well-known and reputable global brand that offers a variety of window tint films. Here are some reasons why our 3M tint is the best choice for you and your vehicle:

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